I am a retired businessman and a passionate wildlife enthusiast.

My passion for wildlife and nature was what led me to photographing what I was seeing. I simply had to capture some of the incredible sightings which I was being exposed to. I am an amateur wildlife photographer who has had the privilege of travelling the continent extensively. My fiercely competitive nature and my aspirations for perfection, soon made me realise that I needed to obtain some expert advice to improve my photography.

This was a journey which I undertook with a great deal of caution as I am challenged by modern technology. I have grown as a photographer and have surprised myself with what I have learnt. I have had the best tutor as I have done a number of trips with the award winning photographer Greg du Toit. He is an amazing teacher and more than anything else, he is a thoroughly decent human being! My love and passion for leopards makes me a regular visitor to londolozi in the sabi sands game reserve. Here I have followed the many celebrated leopards of   londolozi.com.

Some of my adventures can be seen on these blogs: