The Leopards of Londolozi

I will be traveling to the Kruger National Park and my favorite place on the continent, Londolozi in about ten days from now.

I often get asked by fellow travelers, “where is the best place to see leopards”?


I have been visiting the Kruger National Park for many years now, and I have had some very good leopard sightings, but it was not until I visited the Sabi Sands game reserve, and Londolozi in particular, that I truly realized what a good leopard sighting was.

The leopards of Londolozi are very well documented and celebrated.

The finding and viewing of the mother leopard is well documented, and this is where the amazing relationship began between these elusive cats and man.

It was through the relationship with the mother leopard that those pioneers were able to develop, that we can now view and celebrate the leopards of Londolozi.

I have been very privileged over many years to have been able to witness this incredible leopard dynasty first hand.

These inexhaustably beautiful cats have allowed us into their space and given me some of the most amazing memories.

I find that being at Londolozi in the presence of these animals, has created a sanctuary for me to escape to, my very special place in God’s paradise and to be amongst these beautiful animals, “for it is here, with the spirit of the wind that I find my soul”.

My web page has now been developed and is nearing completion. I will be adding my photographs of my leopards of Londolozi.


It is not my intention to compete with anything that Londolozi are doing in celebrating this their 90th year, but because of my passion and love for Londolozi, that I want to celebrate this event with them by sharing some of my photographs of these amazingly beautiful animals.

I especially want to thank the very many wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting there, with whom I have forged life long friendships.

I have enjoyed some of the most incredible and memorable animal and leopard sightings anywhere on the continent.
So, back to where I started with this blog, regarding my recommendations for where the best place is to see leopards.

You need look no further than Londolozi!

It offers the complete package, and as well as the leopard sightings, the other game viewing is simply amazing.
I speak from a position of authority as I have visited Londolozi many times, too many to recall.

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Enjoy viewing this blog as well as the incredibly beautiful animals.
Best wishes, Ted.


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