“I met Ted on a photographic safari to Zambia in 2012 and we immediately realized that we shared a common passion for the African bush.
Ted’s love for elephant lead us on a bespoke ‘Big Tusker Safari’ to Kenya in 2013, in search of large elephant bulls.
Our trip was a huge success as we took to the air over Tsavo in search of large tuskers, before pursuing them with cameras in hand and on foot.
Ted also feels passionately about cheetah and in 2014 we photographed these incredible cats on the great plains of East Africa where we witnessed a spectacular and successful cheetah hunt.
I have also photographed a giraffe being born with Ted whilst on safari in northern Kenya and I remember how we watched tiny lion cubs swim across a deep channel in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.
We have indeed shared in too many incredible experiences to recount here.

Ted’s single largest passion is leopards and it has been a great joy, over the course of the last couple of years, to join him in the tracking and photographing of leopards in South Africa’s Kruger Park region.

In his diligent pursuit of photographic excellence, Ted has gained a sound technical understanding of his equipment. Most recently he has mastered shooting in manual mode to capture images in extreme lowlight conditions and he has also discovered the tangible benefits of flash photography.
Ted’s technical astuteness combined with his unbridled passion for the bushveld, means that he is now a photographic force to be reckoned with.”

Greg du Toit (Professional Wildlife Photographer)


Greg du Toit http://www.gregdutoit.com/